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"I was paying too much for a combination of my monthly premium and out of pocket drug costs. Advocate Health Advisors helped me enroll for the VA and greatly reduce my out of pocket drug costs. Additionally, they helped me navigate the process of applying with the VA for hearing disability. I got a set of hearing aids, at no cost and I am now receiving a disability pension for my service-connected hearing loss."

– Frank, USN 1957-1963

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Veteran's Initiative Program

Benefits. You’ve earned them. But it can be complicated to access the care you need. Advocate Health Advisor’s Veteran's Initiative Program, A-VIP, can help. Our experts are fellow Veterans like you. Together, we will discover all the VA and Medicare benefits you’re eligible for and coordinate them to maximize your level of care and minimize your costs. Across the country, Veterans just like you who’ve chosen to work with Advocate Health Advisors are now enjoying the peace of mind that comes from receiving the care they need at rates they can afford. Join our ranks.

Trust the experts to help you in two complex areas:

VA Insight

  • Get help enrolling for VA benefits
  • Find a VA facility
  • Discover VA resources

Medicare Help

  • Turning 65
  • Relocating to a new area
  • New plans after retirement

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